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Our Entertainment Packages

Want a coordinator to liven up your party around games " maternité/bébé "  in a relaxing and fun atmosphere? The Animation service is ideal if you want to have peace of mind and enjoy your afternoon without looking at your watch. We take care of  managing the afternoon by bringing the cake, welcoming the guests, setting up the games... 

*Contact us to know the content of these Animation formulas

Culinary workshops

Decorating cupcakes 

Craving some treats? Opt for mega cupcakes covered with sugar paste and let your creativity run wild by drawing with food markers 

Decoration of macaroons

Personalize your round macaroons and teddy bears with a drawing or your personal message for a loved one, amazement guaranteed! All you have to do is choose your favorite color!

Decorating the cake

Who wouldn't be tempted by the desire to write a note on a cake? With our edible ink markers, draw, write and share your masterpiece on social networks before devouring it! Cake entirely covered with sugar paste, available on 1 or 2 floors depending on the number of guests! 

Decorating shortbread cookies

A magnificent assortment of homemade baby-themed cookies to decorate with colored royal icing to create your own cookies! After a drying time, taste them or offer them…

Workshops riddles

To your predictions!

A pretty, very girly and fully personalized sheet (according to your theme) where guests will have to answer questions about certain highlights, certain details from maternity to the arrival of the baby ! The mother-to-be will enjoy reading what her guests have predicted for her ! A personalized gray pencil is offered to each guest. 

The object list*

Each guest gropingly guesses the objects that are in a closed bag.   The answers must be listed on their own sheet personalized with their first name and entirely created for the occasion. All the objects will be kept by the future mother and will be very useful to her  !! The winner will be entitled to a gift (provided). 

*By purchasing this game, you will be sure that none of the participants will know the contents of the bag... surprise for all! 

The right price

A baby is expensive ! But will you be able to find the true price of the items on offer ? Each has its own sheet (according to the Baby Shower theme) to list the price of the objects presented. once the game is over. A personalized gray pencil is offered to each guest.

Girl or boy ? Place your bets !*

Want to reveal the baby's gender at a reveal party ? We will decorate your sideboard with a personalized blackboard (which you can then attach to the wall, for example) where everyone will hang a mustache or a small adhesive bow, depending on their hypothesis. Once everyone to vote, it will be time to solve the mystery ! 

*Consult us for our ideas and prices to reveal the sex of your baby in an unusual way 

The workshops souvenirs

Guestbook and its anecdotes

At the end of your event, each guest  leaves a sweet note and must answer the question written on the page of his signature... The personalization of the guestbook remains a surprise and we are sure that the person concerned will keep it for a long time !

 The guest book to hang in the baby's room*

An original idea where your eye will rest every day on sweet little words ! A personalized frame where each guest will hang their word previously written on a heart, a bodysuit, using a mini clothespin.

*This frame will then be used to hang pictures of the baby...

footprint tree

Sometimes, you don't need a big speech to prove your attachment. Opt for a tree to customize  where each guest will leave their mark. A beautiful keepsake to hang in the baby's room.

Fun workshops

Suggested names

If the sex of the baby is not yet known, we provide two personalized jars : one for "girl" and one for "boy". Each guest fills the jars with a girl's name and a boy's name that the parents would be likely to give their baby. The couple will then read them to the congregation.

Name game

At the Mum-to-be's Top Depart, each guest must find a first name for each letter of the alphabet as quickly as possible. The 1st person who completes his grid stops the game.   Each answer card is nicely personalized with the candidate's first name.

La faster will be entitled to a gift (provided).


What's in my phone ?

A game for modern parents !! Answer a list of questions about what your phone does or does not contain.

 Quiz " Dad or Mom "

In your opinion, which granny will arrive the fastest at the maternity  ? Answer all our new questions on our pretty personalized sheets and make future young parents smile  !

Pictionary "Baby Shower"

Each card indicates the artistic challenge to be completed. 10  personalized cards on the back of the mother-to-be are delivered as well as a blackboard and chalk. As a team or individually, have fun drawing funny actions of motherhood and the joys of infants !

Creative workshops

Personalization of bibs

Bodysuit customization

A great activity that will allow mom to remember good times  ! His only obligation ? Send a photo of her baby when she wears the creation of the person who is the author !

Our games  & Baby Shower Animations

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