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"Sip & See" !

The concept of baby shower ou " Sip and See " comes from the southern United States and means "Drink (one shot) and See (the baby) ». This is a planned meeting during an afternoon with young parents or new grandparents and consists of getting to know the new member of the family. It usually takes place 2 to 6 weeks after birth.


This post-natal party is different from the baby shower. Indeed, exit the ultra feminine meeting, the euphoria of games around babies, creative workshops or even gifts to unwrap... From now on, the male sex is present, the atmosphere is more "cosy » and the attention is on the baby and not the mom (remember that we don't all like to be the center of attention ! ).

  • What happens at a baby shower?

Guests come and go as they please

Drink to the health of the baby (champagne, cider, fruit cocktails) and the young mother

Let themselves be tempted by a small snack (we provide them with easy things to eat, some sweets, etc.)

meet baby

Congratulate young parents

Leave a small gift - don't feel you have to open them in front of your guests because in this type of party, gifts are opened when everyone has left (this will avoid your funny face when you realize it's the 3rd Sophie la Girafe you receive !)

And all this without overdoing it  - A pressure-free afternoon for young parents !


  • what are the advantages?

Advantage #1 : both parents are available and have nothing else to do but enjoy their loved ones !

Advantage #2 : Notice to all young mothers : this appointment being scheduled you will have time to prepare (cf : shower , makeup, making the bed…). A scheduled party prevents some from coming to the house without warning !

Advantage No. 3 : Notice to superstitious mothers for whom celebrating the arrival of a baby before birth could bring bad luck for the end of pregnancy or childbirth... the "birthday party" is for you !


Sip & See Concept

Our "Sip & See" formulas

The "decoration" formula

Want to decorate your interior  especially for occasion ? Give us your theme (or your color code) and we will create  a decoration in your image.  moves to the place of your choice (restaurant, village hall, etc.).  In this case, ask for your quote on-measure.

The "Sweet table" formula

Envie d'une table de fête gourmande et décorée avec des rafraîchissements joliment présentés, arbres à bonbons et autres gourmandises ideas for your Baby Shower? You have come to the right place ! This formula is a real snack that we install at the place of your choice. Ask for a quote and discover the delicacies we offer. 

The "Candy Bar" formula

We install at your home or in the place of your choice, a candy bar on the theme that makes you dream  ! This buffet will delight young and old and will allow you to add THE festive and gourmet touch to your event! With a Candy Bar it's so easy to reconcile gluttony and pleasure for the eyes! Installation included 

The "all-inclusive" formula

Dreaming of the perfect  Sip & See party without stress ? BABY EVENTS Côte d 'Azur will think of the smallest details for you (invitation, guest gift, personalization, background music, etc.)

We work with partner photographers and videographers

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