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"Gender Reveal" !

"Gender Reveal Party" Concept

Originally from the United States, this party is coming to France so that parents can discover the sex of their future child in an original and fun way. In France, 70% of parents wish to know the sex of their child and they generally learn it during the 2nd ultrasound…in the impersonal office of the gynecologist or at the ultrasound scanner. To spice up this important announcement, the Gender Reveal Party is to reveal the sex of the baby a little later.


  • How should future parents  organize themselves?

At the time of the ultrasound which determines the sex, the gynecologist writes the sex of the baby on a small piece of paper which he places in a closed envelope. To keep the surprise intact, future parents entrust  then the envelope to a relative or an event organizer who is responsible for creating  an unforgettable party.

  • How is the party  organized? What are the specifics ?

Concretely, we invite all the people close to the couple, we decorate, we prepare a beautiful gourmet table and we don't forget THE CAKE. The honor colors of the Gender Reveal Party are pink and blue. Get ready for a decoration, a buffet and a bi-color atmosphere. The highlight of the show remains the cutting of the cake (by the mother-to-be) and depending on the color of the filling (pink or blue), the happy future parents will finally know the sex of their baby ! Other even more original ideas are waiting for you to discover the good news...


  • What are the differences with the classic Baby Shower ?

This party brings together friends, family, men, women and children ! Les jeux typiquement féminins sont alors remplacés par des ateliers type « prédictions », « idées prénoms  », « « fille ou garçon », « vœux pour le futur bébé»... Everyone has the freedom to move from one workshop to another freely, without constraints !


And if you parents are already aware of the sex of the baby...why not let family and friends discover it at a festive gathering ?

Our Gender Reveal formulas

The "decoration" formula

Want to decorate your interior  especially for the occasion ?  This party will only be dressed in pink and blue for an effect Wow!! If you cannot receive at home, Baby Events Côte d'Azur will come to the place of your choice (restaurant, village hall, etc.). In this case, ask for your tailor-made quote.

The "workshop" formula

Between bites, keep your guests busy by inviting them to take part in some fun workshops. This will allow them to have a good time and then you will have good memories to read and re-read while waiting for baby!

The formula "Table Gourmande - pastries"

Envie d'une table de fête gourmande et décorée avec des rafraîchissements joliment présentés, arbres à bonbons et autres gourmandises creative ideas for your Revelation party ? You have come to the right place ! This formula is a real snack. For the Gender Reveal Party, all the food will be pink or blue (cupcakes, decorated shortbread, macaroons, etc.). This formula is a real snack! Request a quote and discover the delicacies we offer. 

The "Candy Bar" formula

We install at your home or in the place of your choice, a candy bar on the theme that makes you dream ! This buffet will delight young and old and will allow you to add THE festive and gourmet touch to your event! With a Candy Bar it's so easy to reconcile gluttony and pleasure for the eyes!

The "all-inclusive" formula

Are you the happy future parents and want to give your family and friends a great celebration around a news that is close to your heart ? Opt for an all-inclusive afternoon ! Let BABY EVENTS Côte d'Azur organize your Gender Reveal Party down to the smallest detail (mail invitation, guest gift, musical playlist, etc.) Remember to entrust us with the envelope indicating the baby's gender and we'll take care of the rest!

We work with partner photographers and videographers!

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