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Do you want to organize your child's birthday party?  Click below for a free quote!

The birthday year after year

And yes dear moms, it's her birthday EVERY year! Each year, her desires evolve and adapt according to fashion, her environment and her age... That's why year after year, her expectations are different!

Each of our animations has a hidden aspect: teamwork, responsibility for an individual challenge, a notion of learning, reflection on a theme, an emphasis on fine motor skills, a sense of speed... .
Whether in events worthy of Fort Boyard, Koh Lanta or even during fun activities with XXL games, water games or skill games, children will exceed their limits and will love our animators!


The "decoration" formula

Want to decorate your interior  especially for occasion ? Give us your theme (or your color code) and we will create  a decoration in your image.  moves to the place of your choice (restaurant, village hall, etc.).  In this case, ask for your tailor-made quote.

The "Sweet Table" formula

Whatever your theme, the pastries will be specially designed for children's little hands! The pastries will remain chic and creative. This gourmet table is specially designed for children and includes bricks of fruit juice and small personalized water bottles, shortbread cookies, candies, mini cupcakes, chocolate cake slices: in short, the ideal snack table !

The "Candy bar" formula

You like to bake and want to make your own sweets for his birthday. No problem, we incorporate your creations into our Candy Bar... Because thisThis time, you just need a pretty decorated table filled with candy boxes with sweet delights... Give us an idea of your theme!

The "Animation" formula

Wherever the birthday takes place in a hotel, at home, in a restaurant or a yacht, our themed animator will provide the ultimate animation. Based on the theme, the games and challenges will also be adapted to the kids age so everyone have the time of their lives!

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